• Founded in 2004, our company as AS CAM ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN AND MACHINERY GROUP organizations from the knitwear sector until 2006, has made domestic and overseas production of 800,000 units.
  • Because of the poor state of the market of knitwear industry in 2006, our company has continued its path in the glass industry is new for him. In this process, our company to the four corners of Turkey 310 pieces of glass processing machinery extant, glass and glass processing line has made the sale of silicone material. We are distributor CHINA AND ITALY LABEL AND OWN COUNTRY NUMBER 1 WITH GUANDONG FUSHUN china (10 YEARS OF DISTRIBUTORS 200 MACHINES) IVACON Machinery china (7 YEARS OF DISTRIBUTORS 63 MACHINE) BAIE char (7 YEARS OF DISTRIBUTORS 40,000 BARRELS), FOREL COMPANY italy ( 5-YEAR DISTRIBUTION 25 MACHINE), MAPPI conpany italy (5-YEAR DISTRIBUTION 22 MACHINE) companies participating in the fair domestically and abroad with as glass name is announced to a customer and the company has been printing with the golden letters the name of the glass industry.
  • And when we come to 2016, has begun to make investments in the construction area, bathroom, kitchen, has created a new team on the doors and other similar products, sales and marketing is continuing its efforts with the aim of bringing a new breath to the sense of industry.

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